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Whilst our service has been extended during the calendar month of December, more than 2 weeks from buy to delivery isn’t good enough. Unfortunately, your order was one of the very small several that was not totally acknowledged by our own website. This prevented the order through being sent to be able to our warehouse to dispatch promptly because normal.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Firepower Wood Pellets 6mm EnplusA1 Biomass Pellets 15KG
  • Premium quality, ENPlus A1 6mm virgin wood pellet
  • Manufactured from sustainable FSC certified wood
  • Food Safe - Manufactured from clean softwood
  • High Calorific value - Low Ash
Bestseller No. 2
Platinum Plus Wood Pellets 6mm EnplusA1 Biomass Pellets 10x 15Kg (150KG)
  • 10x 15Kg Platinum Plus Bags
  • Unmatched light coloured wood pellet
  • ENplus A1
  • 6mm wood pellets
Bestseller No. 3
Fresh Paws Premium Wood Pellet Cat Litter, 30 L
  • Cat Litter is made from 100 percent British softwood
  • Leaving your pet with a soft litter with a fresh scent
  • Give the natural smell of fresh Pine
  • Anti-microbial Cat Litter doesn't allow germs or bacteria to form, so stops unpleasant odours forming
  • Super absorbent so all liquids will be soaked up
Bestseller No. 4
Platinum Plus Animal Cat & Kitten Litter Wood Pellets 1x 30L Bag
  • Natural, clean, comfortable and odorless
  • 100% recycled virgin soft wood, biodegradable & fully compostable
  • Highly absorbent & light in colour
  • Gentle on cat & kitten paws, works great for a range of small animals
Bestseller No. 5
The Chemical Hut Premium CO2 Neutral Low Moisture Long Lasting Wood Pellets For Bio Mass Boiler Heating BSL certified ENplus® - 15Kg - Includes White Woven Sack
  • BSL certified ENplus 100% pure wood CO2 neutral - for Biomass Boiler Heating Systems
  • The pellets are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 6mm and a length of 30mm making them easy to light.
  • Our Premium Wood Pellets are easy to ignite and produces very little ash for a easier clean.
  • Made from 100% Coniferous Wood, Pine and Spruce
  • Comes complete with our unique THE LOG HUT White Woven Sack, ideal to store wood, logs, kindling etc.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter 30 Litre
  • Pine fresh
  • Highly absorbent
  • Light to handle
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Made from recycled materials
Bestseller No. 7
CJ's Premium Cat Litter Ultra Absorbent Wood Pellets Biodegradable 100% Virgin Wood Soft Animal Antimicrobial Litter and Bedding For Pets - 30 Litre
  • 100% VIRGIN WOOD: Guarantees a superior product as no chemicals are needed to bind the wood
  • SOFT BEDDING: As well as being soft pellets don't stick to paws either, so you won't find any surprises anywhere other than the tray itself
  • ULTRA ABSORBENT: Our Antimicrobial Cat Litter doesn't allow germs or bacteria to form, so unpleasant odours are eradicated not masked
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Dirty litter can be added to your regular household waste, or it makes for great compost as it is 100% biodegradable
  • FRESH SCENT: Made from naturally grown trees therefore gives off a natural smell of fresh Scandinavian style timber
Bestseller No. 8
Pure Wood Pellets 15kg
  • Helps mask unpleasant odours
  • Beautiful White Wood
  • Absorb up to 350% of their weight in moisture
  • Eco friendly
  • 100% Bark Free Virgin Pine
SaleBestseller No. 9
Kindling Wood x 4 Bags - Kiln Dried - About 12kg. Perfect for Starting Open Fires, Charcoal, Wood Burning Stoves, BBQ's, Log Burners, Camp Fires, Fire Pits and Pizza Ovens, Comes in a Cardboard Box
  • ✅ESSENTIAL FOR FIRE LIGHTING: Dry Kindle sticks for making fire in your log burner, open fire, fire pit, oven or BBQ. The 4 bags inside the box are easily stacked for efficient storage. Our kindling is a natural firelighter, great for starting all fires
  • ✅SUSTAINABLE: All our kindling is from well managed woodlands, coming from FSC sources. Packaging is recycled and can be recycled again after use. Kindling is tightly packed which allows for a smaller storage space.
  • ✅SAME SIZE EACH TIME: Ideal for anyone who uses fires for heating or cooking with woods. The volume of wood is always the same, the weight may be less anywhere from 8.8KG - 12KG because we produce these months ahead, as moisture further evaporates so does the weight. Dry wood emits less particulates in the smoke and is better for your chimney or flue system.
  • ✅NO CHEMICALS: Our kindling is a natural firelighter. When you burn wood the tree absorbed the same carbon it produces when burnt. Our kindling is not made from pallets and has no man-made chemicals in or on it.
  • ✅All boxes are approximately 12kg, each box contains 4 bags of kiln dried kindling, great kindling for your stove and log burners a like. Use with our Natural Firelighters for the perfect stove starter kit..
Bestseller No. 10
EcoBlaze Boxed Kiln Dried Firewood - Premium 25cm Hardwood Logs Dried Under 20% - Fireplace, Stoves, Log Burners, Open Fires, Campfires, Pizza Ovens & More
  • Dried to under 20%
  • Ready to Burn
  • Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging ♻
  • Burns with a bright flame & a high heat
  • Typically 12 - 14 logs in each box, each log is 25cm long by 8 - 15cm in diameter

Then the bag of shavings a week to retain it looking refreshing. When I had been on jusy shavings I’d get through 4 bags a new week just to keep her dry out as she might trample the moist everywhere! I have poo out each day and after that the wet corner once a week and place new pellets lower. After I have got dug the damp out, I sprinkle a little EquiFresh down to help overcome any ammonia exactly what could have built upward. But to be honest, I rarely scent anything, the pellets are so moisture resistant. I have been replacing together with 1 dry handbag of wood pellets. I recently pour it straight to the gap I have dug out and smooth over.

  • I do not consider out too significantly wet at the time as this disrupts the complete bed and you are almost back at block one again.
  • There is at present a good amount of wood pellets in britain.
  • In the mean time we possess withdrawn the babies from West Wilts and will be change your mind eventing within the UK when the results for me personally and travelling Aston Stud team people are clear.

“On our first time using EquiKing, we all were delighted using the service and so far the merchandise seems great. Very good value too compared to other wood pellet brands. ” All of us compared shavings with pellets, to conclude water absorbency of both bedding sorts. Like flour, sugars and milk, wood pellets are a new commodity and, to some people, a new wood pellet is actually a wood pellet regardless of where it comes from or whatever it is crafted from. If you have a new really wet horses, you could add dry pellets towards the wet area of your stable. A single of mine will be very wet thus would use no less than two bales per week pellets are also more hours saving in order to muck out.

There Are Loads Of Wood Pellet Companies Around

We feel slightly that will the ones Im using a little bit dusty- the business said it isn’t really dust particles it’s small particle and that this doesn’t hang up like dust. Uncertain I’m convinced (and that’s my minor gripe with them) Maybe I’ll try a different brand.

A person will be capable to incorporate any specific delivery instructions upon the ‘buy me‘ page. You can order your sorbeo in this article online or by telephoning using your credit score card. If you would rather pay BACs then we could arrange this as well. We will usually get your pallet to you personally within five business days – usually less. dangerous micro-sized dust particles that you cannot see. These tiny dust items can be inhaled deep into typically the lungs of your equine and can give rise to respiratory ailments.

White Horse Wood Pellets

Standard delivery operates on the three or more day basis offering you order before 2pm – i. e. if a person order on Wednesday before 2pm typically the delivery will become with you upon Wednesday. Our bed linens is made coming from a combination regarding virgin spruce and pine wood.

Welcome To White Horses Bedding

Situated in Ripponden, West Yorkshire, we provide the best kiln dried firewood plus renewable wood goods such as BSL registered Wood Burning Pellets and Wood Burning Briquettes. I got myself half a pallet of White Horses Platinum last yr from Pets at Home. I entered the shop to order and they will gave me a further 10% off which often the Manager said they’d always carry out. It worked out cheaper than getting direct from White Horse. My nearby shop does a few price matching thingy so I may set them a challenge I’m normally a platinum plus customer.

We preserve ruthless quality regulates through the entire manufacturing process to ensure that the bedsheets you obtain is unbeatable when it comes to dust control, absorbency and durability. The particular ENPlus A1 certification plus the BSL durability authorisation attached to be able to all of our pellets guarantees typically the high quality plus sustainable nature of all wood pellets you can expect. White Horse Vitality is proud to supply an unbeatable selection of bagged solid wood pellets through the UK. Impeccable service, rapid delivery and unmatched quality from the organization you can rely on. Whether you are looking for the lowest priced Pellets, or typically the most calorific, if you’re on the right place with the UK’s favourite wood pellet experts.

Firepower Wood Pellets

White Horse bedding’s animal bedding will be manufactured in accordance along with the most exacting quality control procedures. There is at present a wide variety of wood pellets in britain. This is because of typically the increase in demand for energy pellets with new biomass projects coming online across Europe. You will find very few producers of pellet bedding in the united kingdom and most offers can be found in from The european countries flooding the industry. (Not Sorbeo ~ it is manufactured at our personal plant in Scotland! ) This has not always been the case.

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