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SaleBestseller No. 1
Equine America Cortaflex Regular Strength Powder | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | Comprehensive Support For Joints & Mobility | 900g
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S JOINTS - Cortaflex Regular Solution is a complementary feed that helps to support and maintain healthy joints in horses and ponies. Formulated for horses in light to moderate work or older horses who need extra mobility support
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Provides key nutritional building blocks for joint support including collagen, amino acids, MSM, hyaluronic acid and trace elements
  • ESSENTIAL FOR JOINT HEALTH – Cortaflex contains amino acids such as glutamic acid which is converted in the horse’s body to provide glutamine, which combines with glucose to form glucosamine – which itself then combines with other compounds to help give cartilage its flexibility and “sponginess”
  • READY TO USE - Cortaflex Regular Strength Powder is ready to use and a fully balanced supplement for horses and ponies alike. Made with a highly palatable alfalfa base, just add to your horse’s regular feed
  • DOSAGE - Generally, for a 500kg horse, feed 14g per day for ten days. After that, 7g per day
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lintbells YuMOVE Horse Joint Supplement for Horses and Ponies, All Ages and Breeds Tub, 1.8 kg
  • Aids stiff joints
  • Supports joint structure
  • Promotes mobility
  • Aids muscle recovery after exercise
  • Specifically designed for horses of all ages
Bestseller No. 3
Equine America Airways Xtra Strength | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | For Respiratory Support | 500g
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH – Stabled horses are subjected to a constant respiratory challenge from fungal spores and dust in their immediate environment, which can affect their respiratory health and function
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – A unique blend of natural ingredients including powerful, natural, plant-derived essential oils, known for their role in maintaining a healthy respiratory function
  • ESSENTIAL FOR RESPIRATORY HEALTH – The Airways Powder includes Eucalyptus oil which is renowned for its ability to help clear the respiratory tract. Peppermint oil helps to open up the airways, clear mucus and provide support to the respiratory system
  • READY TO USE – The powder is ready to use, simply mix into the horse's feed. We recommend feeding if your horse’s respiratory system is being challenged, or the horse is facing irritation from the dust in the hay
  • DOSAGE – A 500g tub should last on an average horse a month supply. Generally, for a 500kg horse, 14g serving
Bestseller No. 4
Equine America Turmeric Xtra | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | Support For Joints & Mobility | 3 Kg
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSES HEALTH - Get your horse competition ready with Turmeric Xtra – a natural blend including linseed meal turmeric, calcium and vitamin E. The easy way to help support general health and mobility in all horses and ponies
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - A unique blend of high-quality turmeric, typically providing at least 3% of active curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. Linseed oil and black pepper are also added to maximise absorption
  • ESSENTIAL FOR JOINT HEALTH & MOBILITY - Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the mobility and joint health of your horse. The high-grade ingredients also provide immunity and digestion support
  • READY TO USE - Equine America Turmeric Xtra is a ready to use fully balanced supplement for horses. It is a highly palatable, cooked, full fat linseed meal, so there is no need to add further linseed, simply add to your horse’s regular feed
  • DOSAGE - A 3kg tub should last an average horse 57 days, when fed as part of a balanced diet. Generally, for a 500kg horse, feed 26g for the first 7 days and 52g thereafter, do not exceed 104g per day. Measure included for convenience
Bestseller No. 5
Windswept Shetland Pony Keyring Cute Horse Ponies Animals Pets Mum Gift #15993
  • Photographic Keyrings! Double sided image!
  • Image Size: 45mm x 35mm (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
  • Theme: As per photo, we make the keyring with the image already inserted and ready to use.
  • These keyrings are modern and sleek, ideal to add a bit of personalisation to your keys.
  • Get a few for friends and family as gifts!
Bestseller No. 6
Shires Equestrian Deluxe Nylon Grazing Muzzle, Small Pony, Black
  • Proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes
  • Comfort padding around inside of the muzzle
  • Fully adjustable, padded head and throat straps
  • D ring for leading the horse
Bestseller No. 7
Equine America Ventilator Powder | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | Support Respiration Naturally | 500 g
  • Size: 454g
  • Ventilator Powder opens up the airways fast and naturally supporting the animals defense against breathing problems.
Bestseller No. 8
Equine America Sand Out Pellets | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | Digestive Supplement | 2.6 Kg
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH – Horses can graze on sparse vegetation, be given hay or feed spread out on sandy or very dry and dusty soils, ingesting sand and causing poor gut health. Sand Out Pellets’ composition stimulates digestion to expel excess sand in the gut
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – This horse digestive supplement contains over 90% Psyllium husk and is high in fibre. This forms a gelatinous compound which stimulates gut muscle movement, moving blockages along without further damage
  • BALANCED DIGESTIVE HEALTH – For a healthy horse or pony and balanced diet, a yeast probiotic is included in the horse feed supplement to aid digestion and restore healthy microbiome damaged by sand ingestion
  • READY TO USE – Sand Out Pellets are feed supplements ready to use as part of a fully balanced diet. It is designed to work in the gut by absorbing moisture and aiding the natural digestive process. Do not pre-moisten with water or other liquids
  • FEED DIRECTIONS – One 2.6 kg tub will last the average horse 4 monthly courses of 7-consequtive days. Just add to regular feed for one week each month. Generally, for a 500kg horse, feed and do not exceed 90g per day
Bestseller No. 10
Equine America Pro-Pell Plus | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | For Energy & Sound Health, 1 Litre
  • VITAMIN & MINERAL TONIC – Pro-Pell Plus is a daily tonic, designed to provide vital micronutrients which are important in key areas for optimum health and performance. Ideal for horse recovering from an illness and struggling to return to their original workload
  • NATURAL BLEND OF INGREDIENTS – A combination of vitamin B for appetite stimulation and energy production, key trace minerals essential for muscle function, amino acids, copper, magnesium, zinc and iron
  • HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE – Vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidant micronutrients to help protect muscles cell membranes from oxidative damage which occurs naturally during work
  • READY TO USE – Easy to digest, the Pro-Pell solution can be added to horses typical feed regimes when your horse needs that extra boost
  • FEEDING DIRECTION – For 500kg horse; preparing for competition: 60ml per day. For other 500kg horses; 30ml per day. Maximum; 60ml per day
  • Safety Notice from Pets4Homes – IN NO WAY send money for any deposit or spend on a pet on-line, unless using our Safe Deposit Service.
  • We market pet foods, add-ons, horse feeds, dietary supplements, tack and carpets, poultry, pig plus goat feeds.
  • If you believe this advertiser will be letting their race horses go before six months time of age, remember to report them to us.
  • × This specific website uses snacks, which cannot become accustomed to personally identify you.
  • Bird boarding for parrots, macaws, canaries, cockatoos, mynah birds, budgies etc, in Devon and Cornwall.

Please note of which Pets4Homes do not really allow anyone to market kittens or young puppies bred by 3rd parties. All Pups or kittens advertised MUST have recently been bred by yourself, unless you will be rehoming an older pet that a person can no much longer keep. You could use the Get Your Local Council website page to check what the specifications are within your nearby authority along with the contact details needed in order to discuss anything more with them. The seller has chosen not to activate our own deposit service just for this advert. Important Take note that this advert have been closed and the pet will be no longer accessible. We must cover expenses for example feed, bed linen, wormer, vet checks, castrations for ponies that individuals take inside that do not have an immediate residence. By sponsoring the pony you could help us in order to provide a risk-free environment for them until they might discover a home.

Family Pet And Pony

All of us can only supply all of the particular above by fund-collecting and donations. Therefore please follow us on Facebook with regard to regular updates associated with our fundraising events. Call in in order to see see the well-stocked shelves, and converse with Andy, Ian or Caroline concerning anything that an individual cannot see — they will usually be able to add your current favourite pet meals, bedding or animal health products to their next purchase. If you believe this advertiser is letting their horses go before 6 months of age, remember to report them to us. We are grateful to our volunteers who help all of us care for the particular ponies, raise cash and home check. A person have experience with ponies plus you don’t have got to handle all of them if you do not want to. Nevertheless, if you perform have pony dealing with experience that might be helpful specially when we have new arrivals.

And he or she spotted something inside rescue pony Rupert, who had recovered well and turn out to be a real favorite at the charity’s Yelverton yard. His mum Caroline got always owned horses and knew first hand the astonishing effect these people can have on children experiencing problems like autism, epilepsy and Asperger’s problem.

Carry out NOT buy the horse from the particular advertiser unless you are happy that they adhere to all the advice on checklist. Having a new horses is a huge commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and possess the some determination necessary to take care of the horse. Read our detailed Details guide about horse for potential brand-new horse owners. Just before contacting or browsing advertiser for this Welsh Section Chemical. Please make sure you have printed and go through this checklist fully. Safety Notice through Pets4Homes – NEVER EVER send money for any deposit or pay for a pet on the internet, unless using our own Safe Deposit Services. ALWAYS visit the advertisers home in order to view the pet and confirm they are genuine.

Pet And Pony Yelverton

We’re a family function pet shop and equine supplies, based in Yelverton Company Park, Crapstone. We are committed to be able to providing our consumers with the best possible services. Responsibility service, animal welfare and supplying you with the best value are at the primary of our enterprise. If they say “animals” they certainly include feeds and accessories for birds as well as horses, dogs, cats and tiny animals. Rons Dog Supplies is a new pet shop inside Tavistock providing a rangle of products regarding your pet.

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Grey moorland gelding Rupert was merely six months aged when he has been callously dumped alongside with 14 some other colts who failed to sell at a local market. Pets4Homes. co. uk employ cookies on this specific site to improve your user experience. Employ of this site and other services constitutes acceptance of the particular Pets4Homes Terms regarding Use and Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you will be unsure that this advertiser is genuine, please report these to us.

Pet And Pony Yelverton

Before contacting the seller, a person MUST read our own Pet Buying/Adoption Register below. While they may be in our attention we ensure the particular ponies basic demands are met.

Will Be This Your Business?!

We all guides you via popular business together with live updates in addition to reviews. Bird boarding for parrots, macaws, canaries, cockatoos, mynah birds, budgies and so on, in Devon and Cornwall. To locate out more concerning the work associated with the Mare in addition to Foal Sanctuary across the South West, which usually relies entirely on donations and heritage gifts, and to be able to see the horses and ponies available today for rehoming, visit the charity’s website in or call.

To sponsor costs £5 a month in addition to you will obtain a sponsor pack and a 10% discount away our merchandise plus 4 free entries into our on-line photo shows each year. We also request an Adoption Gift for our ponies which goes towards the basic care costs only — any help we receive should go towards ensuring more ponies are given an opportunity of finding a new home in the foreseeable future. Please enter your address, city, state or perhaps zip code, so that we may display the organizations near you. Virtually any out of stock items is going to be advised before dispatch of the incomplete order so that the particular customer has the opportunity to choose an alternative solution product or cancel the order.

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