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High Quality Solid Top Parrot Crate

We will be adding items from our other site likewise so feed in addition to accessories. After you have selected the perfect cage for the bird, the almost all important task will be setting it upwards correctly in order to create a comfortable and rousing environment for your own parrot.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Yaheetech Large Parrot Bird Cage Cockatiel Sun Parakeet Green-Cheek Conure Canary Lovebird Budgie Parrotlet Finch Parrot Cage Open Top with Detachable Stand
  • SPACIOUS CAGE & UNIVERSAL DESIGN: H80cm x L50cm x W50cm/ H31.5’’ x L19.7’’ x W19.7’’ Large bird cage features with 1.7 cm / 0.67’’ bar spacing to keep your birds safe in the cage; a H37.5 x W24 cm / H14.8 x W9.4’’ side-opening door convenient for medium and small size birds like budgerigars, lovebirds, cockatiels, monk parakeets and golden parakeets to use
  • SAFE & SECURE: Each door features a hook lock to prevent birds from opening the door; fully painted cage with smooth and glossy surface; polished wooden perches and non-toxic stainless steel feeders offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy living environment
  • STYLISH & PRACTICAL: This European style bird cage is built in an arc top and hollow out S shape legs, add a sense of elegance and grace to your room; durable and sturdy cage is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, a great pet accessory for families, pet shops and pet hospitals
  • EASY CLEANING: Slide-out trays and detachable mesh panel under the cage can be removed for easy cleaning; mesh panels between birds and the trays can prevent your birds walking/laying directly on the trays, which ensures your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the cage
  • 4 heavy duty PVC wheels,2 w/ brakes for safety stability, a slide-out plastic tray for easy cleaning
Bestseller No. 2
Large Bird Cage For Budgies Lovebirds Finches Cockatiels Conures Canary Tall Metal Small Parrots Cage Sun Quaker Parakeets Green Cheek Travel Bird Cage White
  • Little Bird Playground: A game table with a ladder, wooden bass and 2 stainless steel feeders, so that you can better interact with the beloved bird on the top of the cage.
  • Rope with bells: The rope with bells can be freely fixed in the bird cage. This is a fun gift for playing with the birds.
  • Slide-out grille with handle: a safe metal grille that prevents birds from walking directly when falling.
  • Sliding metal tray: The sliding metal tray under the metal tray grille is used to capture feces and feed and is easy to clean.
  • Spacious and safe: The spacious interior space can accommodate multiple pet birds at the same time.
Bestseller No. 3
Yaheetech Large Metal Parrot Cage Bird Cage for Budgie Canary Aviary Cockatiel with Playtop Perch Stand and Wheels Black
  • Idea Rolling Cage: Features 4 swivel casters for smooth rolling. Suitable for housing Lovebird, Budgie, Green-cheeked, Sun conure, Quaker, Cockatiel and other birds in similar size. Also a good temporary cage for birds like Goffin's cockatoo, orange-winged amazon, yellow-naped amazon, blue-fronted amazon, African grey and Indian ringneck.
  • Easy to Use & Practical: Comes with all necessary tool and hardware, simple structure easy to assemble under the detailed instructions enclosed. Suitable for both home and outdoor use. Perfect choice for pet stores and pet hospitals.
  • Slide-out Tray & Grille with Handle: A safety metal grille to prevent birds from walking directly on their dropping; a slide-out metal tray under the grille for catching droppings and feeds, and also for easy cleaning.
  • Heavy-Duty & Safe: This solid metal cage is coated with non-toxic hammertone paint, which guarantees its good performance in wear, corrosion and rust resistance. Polished wooden perches and stainless steel feeders offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy living environment.
  • Birds' Playground: A play top with a ladder, a wooden perch and 2 stainless steel feeders offer you a better interaction way with your beloved birds on the cage top area; a rope with bell can be fixed freely inside the cage, special gift for your playful birdies.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Yaheetech 3 Tiers Large Bird Cage Parrot Cage for Budgies/Lovebirds/Conures/Parakeets/Cockatiels and so on Aviary for Chinchilla Degu Rats Cage with Perch Stand and Wheels
  • FASCINATING CAGE FOR SMALL ANIMALS & PARROTS: This deluxe cage can accommodate more than 5 small birds like lovebirds, conures, parakeets, budgies, cockatiels or 1 large size bird like African Grey and sun conure, also a sweet home for small animals like sugar gliders, rats, squirrels , etc.
  • ULTRASTRONG CONSTRUCTION: Our extra large bird cage is crafted out of premium metal covered with non-toxic hammertone painting. Rust and water resistant surface makes it a durable and safe pet cage with guaranteed quality.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Two 53.5 x 25 cm/ 21.1 x 9.8’’ front doors are secured with crescent locks, which can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors and keep them safe in the cage when you are not around. Special arc-shaped wire on each small door is served as a lock, making the door impossible for pets to lift. 0.4’’ bar spacing is suitable for pets in different sizes.
  • CONVENIENT MOVING: Due to its extra large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our parrot cage comes with a stand that sits on four 360° swivel smooth rolling casters, which can perfectly solve this problem. Detachable mobile stand can be easily removed if needed.
  • TOY INCLUDED: This bird cage comes with a parrot bungee rope that is made of metal wire and polyester, strong enough to withstand the bites from your pets. A ring bell adds more fun for your birdies and a hook can be hung on any place you want inside or outside the cage. This bungee can develop birds' coordination and balance skills.
Bestseller No. 5
DAWOO Bird Cage Wrought Iron Flight Cage Parrot Cage 52 Inch Large Bird Cage With Roller Metal Wheel
  • Large 2 tier bird cage - suitable for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels & more
  • Ultra-strong and non-toxic coated black steel construction. Four caster wheels with lock for easy transportation
  • Features large door, slide out sand tray, three wooden perches, feeding box, water bottle & storage shelf
  • 1.5cm spacing (Please ensure your bird is suitable before purchasing)
  • Simple self-assembly. You can easily assemble products quickly and easily
SaleBestseller No. 6
Yaheetech Large Roof Top Parrot Cage Bird Cage for Cockatiel Conure Parakeet Budgie Finch Lovebird with Stand/Toys Black
  • Overall dimension (with stand): 46 x 35.5 x 158.5 cm / 18 x 14 x 62.4’’ (LxWxH); Cage dimension (without stand): 46 x 35.5 x 99 cm / 18 x 14 x 39’’ (LxWxH); Bar spacing: 1 cm / 0.4’’; Wire dia.: 2.7 mm/ 0.1’’; 1.6 mm/ 0.06’’; Large door size: 30 x 29 cm / 11.8 x 11.4’’ (LxW)
  • Considerate designs: Large bird cage features 1cm/0.4’’ bar spacing to keep your birds safe in the cage; 2 side-opening composite doors convenient for birds in small size like canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, parakeets to use; 7 small doors are prepared for assembling feeders (included), breeding box (not included) and bird bath (not included)
  • Safe & Secure: Each door has arc-shaped wires to prevent birds from opening the door; fully painted cage with a smooth surface, 3 polished wooden perches and 4 eco-friendly feeders offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy environment; 2 buckles to secure the bottom tray to the cage
  • Sturdy & Strong: L46xW35.5xH99cm /L18xW14xH39’’ bird cage is constructed of fully painted metal and built in solid structure. Selected materials with fine workmanship ensure great wear, corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Easy-to-use: Simple structure quick and effortless to assemble under the detailed instruction; slide-out tray and detachable mesh grate can be removed for easy cleaning and the mesh grate can prevent your birds from walking/laying directly on their droppings; handle on the top for convenient carrying and hanging
SaleBestseller No. 7
Yaheetech Mobile Large Parrot Cage w/Stand Bird Cage for Conures Parakeets Cockatiels, Pet Cage for Small Animal, Large Rolling Metal Pet Cage with Detachable Stand Black
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This high quality parrot cage is suitable for both home and outdoor use. Large space, simple yet thoughtful designs make it a perfect choice for pet stores and pet hospitals, and also can be used for decoration in flower shops.
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN: Features an extra storage shelf on the stand to hold your pets’ accessories and feed, keeping them handy and neat. 4 small feeder doors on the front are for convenient feed replenishment. You can access the feeders from outside and don’t need to risk your bird fleeing. 2 polished wooden perches are provided for your birds to rest.
  • Customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit, if not happy with this transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.
  • CONVENIENT MOVING: Due to its large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our parrot cage comes with a stand that sits on four 360° swivel smooth rolling casters, which can perfectly solve this problem. Detachable mobile stand can be easily removed if needed. Besides, you can even attach the casters to bottom of the cage directly to make the cage mobile without a stand.
  • SAFE & SECURE: 1 cm/ 0.4’’ bar spacing makes sure your small pets cannot squeeze out of the cage, which is suitable and safe for pets in different sizes. Front door is secured with crescent lock, which can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors and keep them safe in the cage when you are not around. Special arc-shaped wire on each small door is for locking purpose, making the door impossible for birds to lift.
Bestseller No. 8
MYVAY Open Top Bird Cage For Budgie Lovebirds Green Cheek Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Small Parrot Travel Cage Height 67 CM
  • SPACIOUS CAGE & PERFECT DESIGN: 46W x 35D x 67Hcm sconvenient for medium and small size birds like budgerigars, lovebirds, cockatiels, monk parakeets and golden parakeets to use
  • OPEN PLAY TOP DESIGN: The cage top can be opened widely for birdies to play and rest outside the cage. A perch can be attached to the door panels on the top. This special design provides a better interaction opportunity between you and your pet birds
  • TOY INCLUDED: 3 x wooden perches - 2 x plastic food and water bowls - 1 x Large drop down front door - 1 x Open top - 1 x Safety grill - Removable tray for easy cleaning - Bar Spacing: 2cm
  • SAFE & SECURE: The entrances are firmly secured by latches, which can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors and keep them safe in the cage when you are not around
Bestseller No. 9
Yorgewd 8-Pack Bird Toys Parrots Cage Toys Hanging Swing Shredding Chewing Perches Parrot Toy Parrot Bite Toy for Budgie, Cockatiels, Conures, Finches, Small Parakeets
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - You will receive 8 different toy for birds which can provide them Hanging Swing Shredding Chewing etc to meet your needs for bird parrots
  • UNIQUE FEATURES - Our design is suitable for most parrot cages, colorful and attractive, allowing your birds to relax and play, ideal for your feather pets to rest or exercise by swinging and climbing
  • HIGH QUALITY - They are made of durable and non-toxic pet safe materials, your pet bird can play them without any misgivings
  • EASY TO INSTALL - It's easy to place these little parakeet toys on a bird cage by simply attaching the steel hook to the top of the pet cage and you can view the size information to suit your needs
  • WIDELY USE - This birds toy set not only for small birds like budgie, cockatiels, conures, finches, small parakeets, but also suitable for other small animals like hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats etc
Bestseller No. 10
Pawhut Metal Parrot Cage Bird Carrier Travel Wooden Perch Cup Holder Handle Black
  • ✅Ideal for home and travel use, provides a suitable living condition for birds
  • ✅Includes one wooden perch, two stainless steel cups with wire brackets
  • ✅Removable metal bottom grate and pull out trays for easy cleaning
  • ✅2 door design for easy access for birds and for feeding
  • ✅Overall Size: 46L x 36W x 56H cm. Assembly required.

1 problem I possess with it is that even though it’s advertised with regard to up-and-coming small to medium parrots, it looks like the bar spacing is huge enough that small birds might continue to get stuck involving the wires. The bottom part grille is not removable, however , so I think that can be a bit of a problem to clear. But because it is for short-term use only, it should never get too untidy anyway.

  • For the same reason, the bird cage is extremely easy to put together or disassemble as well.
  • The Square Roof Parrot Crate, Black from Prevue Pet Products offers been designed plus manufactured to ensure this provides ample room to a tiny parrot.
  • Regardless of whether you’re in the particular market for a corner parrot cage or perhaps a large parrot crate, we’ve got your own bird covered.
  • 1 is for water, which should be changed at least once each day time, and other two regarding dry and moist food.
  • It may be moved around due to typically the rolling casters permitting us to alter the view for the parrotlet to stay away from boredom.

The product’s powder-coated wrought metal construction helps it be the durable cage, plus I like of which it is about with 4 plastic double glasses and three wood perches. The drawback of the parrot cage is, because associated with the way the bars are usually made, it looks like wild birds might have a hard time getting to typically the play top when they are not frequent flyers. The pull-out bottom grille and the a couple of debris trays, one located at the bottom of the crate and one around the play top, are very nice as they permit easy washing. With those features, as well as the seed shield, and relocation, cleaning inside and even around the cage become an air flow. Bird cages associated with all shapes and sizes with regard to parrots, conures, parakeets, budgies, canaries and others. Arrange the toys in different areas of the competition to encourage action. Also hang several toys across the high perch to give your current parrot added protection when sleeping.

There will be also a mesh grate at the particular bottom to avoid the birds through walking directly on their droppings. The same mesh grate is detachable as well as the tray under it could be removed, so the cage is some what easy to clear. This cage will be of wrought iron construction and comes in solid leading, open-top, and enjoy top types, therefore you’re getting typically the same quality little matter which kind you choose with regard to your bird. It’s good, for me, to be able to have this adaptability in design with regard to a bird competition from your same maker. Additionally, it comes along with two wooden perches and four plastic feeding cups, and the stand has castor wheels, so moving and relocating the cage is pretty easy. Despite all those, I do believe this product is good regarding those looking with regard to a large yet affordable cage that will even has the play top for their promising small to medium-sized parrots.

Silver Finished Glass Parrot Decanter Eight Shot Glasses Set In Great Bird Cage

That comprises of all the basics of which make your along with your bird’s life simpler. You don’t desire to strangle your small feathery pal, thus the right side of bar intervals allows your chicken feeling free and less suffocated along with you having a satisfaction that it would not stick its brain inside. Building Have confidence in With Your Bird – One Click From A Time by simply Shirley J. Morgan & Ellen K. Cook, D. V. M. In this video Dr. Ellen Cook teaches the particular basics of clicker training a parrot. Product prices in addition to availability are precise as of the particular date/time indicated and are subject to change.

Parrots Cages

Small cages can appear at $70, yet the larger great ones can expense a minimum of $300. That can be pretty tempting to low-cost out on purchasing a cage, but this is not really recommended because you never desire to compromise your parrot’s health just to save money. Play leading cages are like a good midsection ground of solid top and open-top cages. They’re enclosures with a designated play area on best, usually with its own set of serving bowls and a new ladder that prospects to a perch and the 2 bowls.

Parrot Cages

It also does not have a solid roof, thus rain can obtain inside the bird home. However , you obtain what you spend on; it’s a huge cage, but it is only sturdy adequate. The bars are usually thin and a strong bird may possibly be able in order to bite through it.

In addition, it contains numerous accessories to offer the parrots with security, safety, comfort and ease and an capability to live healthy through playing. The Block Roof Parrot Crate, Black from Prevue Pet Products has got a sturdy enough construction to house a little parrot in addition to keep it totally comfortable, safe plus secure. It offers typically the little parrot having an adequate amount associated with space to enjoy and at the particular same time provides a large landing type front door which usually allows quite simple entry for the bird keeper to the parrot.

Zeny Wrought Iron Bird Cage Together With Stand

The Block Roof Parrot Cage, Black from Prevue Pet Products is usually available with merchandise dimensions of 25 x 21 times 29. 5 in . and its delivery weight is 24. 9 lbs. Its 0. 75-inch bar spacing is taken into consideration good enough for parrot cages. The Square Roof Bird Cage, Black coming from Prevue Pet Goods is very very easily maintainable as that contains parts of which can be taken out for the purpose of washing.

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