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Diagnosis is via PCR and culture of throat swabs or guttural pouch washings. Please remember that in the majority of cases nasal discharge is not a serious problem.

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PFIFF 102547 Horse Nose Net / Nose Cover *LPO-Compliant
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Equine America Airways Xtra Strength | Premium Ready To Use Horse & Pony Supplement | For Respiratory Support | 500g
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  • ESSENTIAL FOR RESPIRATORY HEALTH – The Airways Powder includes Eucalyptus oil which is renowned for its ability to help clear the respiratory tract. Peppermint oil helps to open up the airways, clear mucus and provide support to the respiratory system
  • READY TO USE – The powder is ready to use, simply mix into the horse's feed. We recommend feeding if your horse’s respiratory system is being challenged, or the horse is facing irritation from the dust in the hay
  • DOSAGE – A 500g tub should last on an average horse a month supply. Generally, for a 500kg horse, 14g serving
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Nose Shaper Clip, Nose Up Lifting Tool for Wide Crooked Nose to be a Nose Smaller, Soft Safety Help Perfect Your Nose Contour, Silicone Nose Clip for Men and Women Daily Use (Crystal)
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Natural Animal Feeds Naf Hedgy Treats - Clear, Standard
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Venyn Set of 4 Nose Vents to Ease Breathing - Anti Snoring - No Side Effects - Advanced Design - Reusable - Includes Travel Case
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Horse Snotty Nose

In adult horses, pneumonia can occur following an episode of oesophageal obstruction (‘choke’) where food material and saliva have been accidentally aspirated or following long travel. Journeys of over 6h are a known risk factor for pleuropneumonia, a serious condition where bacterial infection of both the chest and lungs cavity occurs. Horses present with fever, cough, nasal discharge, increased respiratory rate and, with pleuropneumonia, may show reluctance to move also. Diagnosis is via ultrasonography of the chest to identify lung abscesses, collapsed lung lobes and the presence of fluid in the chest cavity.

Causes Of Nasal Discharge

If good environmental management cannot be maintained, treatment with oral or inhaled steroids and/or bronchodilators may be required. Treatment involves avoiding the allergens responsible, e.g. complete turnout if stabling and hay is responsible, soaking hay or feeding haylage, and using dust free shavings. Ventipulmin is a powder that goes into feed that can be used to open up the airways, and steroids can be used to control severe cases also. Sputulosin is sometimes used to water down any thick mucus in the airways, again this goes into the feed. Diagnosis is usually made by history and clinical signs, but it can be confirmed by endoscopy and/or transtracheal wash to examine the types of cells present in the airways. More severe signs are seen in unvaccinated and younger horses, although vaccinated horses can show signs of influenza sometimes.

  • Even a completely healthy horse can develop airway inflammation if exposed to a very dusty environment.
  • Most evidence points to fungal spores, present in hay and straw, as being the principle allergens.
  • The horse’s respiratory tract is exposed to a myriad of airborne dust and allergens particles in a stable.
  • Equine asthma is believed to be caused by an allergy to airborne particles in the environment.
  • Typically, clinical signs are linked to the stable environment but some horses have clinical signs at pasture which is referred to as ‘summer onset equine asthma’.
  • However, a bilateral nasal discharge can come from any part of the respiratory tract.

Masses can be located by a combination of endoscopy usually, radiography and ultrasonography. Inflammation or bleeding in the respiratory tract, caused by injury or illness, causes nasal discharge in horses and other equestrian animals, due to an increase in mucus production in the nasal cavity and airways. On inhaling the virus into the nasal passages they replicate in the cells of the nasal lining multiplying many times before re-emerging into the airways and potentially re-infecting other horses. Virus getting into the blood stream is a very small part of the Equine Influenza clinical signs. If you have been around horses for any period of time you will have seen a horse with nasal discharge at some time. Nasal discharge can result from inflammation or bleeding in any right part of the respiratory tract. Wood J N Let alInflammatory airway disease, nasal discharge and respiratory infections in young British racehorses.Equine Vet J37, PubMed.

Snotty Nose After Exercise!

of surrounding tissue, resulting in a chronic blood tinged often, purulent discharge. For horses with field-based allergens, this is far harder as the allergens are difficult to determine and are often very hard to avoid. Diagnosed Once, the horse will be susceptible to asthma; the disease is managed not cured.

Horse Snotty Nose

Your vet will be able to confirm the origin of the nasal discharge by performing endoscopy. The majority of cases of nasal discharge in horses are not serious, and caused by a mild respiratory infection that is easily treated often. But if you observe serious or unusual symptoms of nasal discharge in your horse, be sure to contact your vet as as possible soon. Environmental causes include dust, spores or mould from hay or bedding, which get into the cause and lungs inflammation in the lower airways, leading to coughs or causing irritation that allows infections to set in.

You don’t say if out at all or if on hay which could be dusty, or of any new horses , any cough or blowing down the nose during exercise. You have done the right thing getting the vet out as there are too many variables here. The presence of food in equine nasal discharge often indicates the presence of pharyngeal or esophageal dysphagia . Neutrophils are also the predominant infiltrate even with uncomplicated viral or fungal respiratory infections, and even with allergic respiratory inflammation. Composed of mucoid respiratory secretions containing lower amounts of leukocytes, which are neutrophils with bacterial infections usually. The few drops of bilateral watery discharge present at the nostrils of most normal horses is a serous nasal discharge.

Can a horse recover from strangles?

Most horses recover from strangles in 3-4 weeks but it can sometimes take longer. Treatment of strangles is decided on a case-by-case basis and usually depends on the stage of the disease and how severe the signs are.

There are many other less common causes which may present with either a unilateral (one-sided) or bilateral discharge. If the nasal discharge is unilateral it generally means the source of the problem is in front of the pharynx where both sides of the nasal passages communicate. However, a bilateral nasal discharge can come from any right part of the respiratory tract. Equine asthma is believed to be caused by an allergy to airborne particles in the environment. Typically, clinical signs are linked to the stable environment but some horses have clinical signs at pasture which is referred to as ‘summer onset equine asthma’. The horse’s respiratory tract is exposed to a myriad of airborne dust and allergens particles in a stable. Even a completely healthy horse can develop airway inflammation if exposed to a very dusty environment.

This is more likely if one of the sub-optimal vaccines are used or if vaccine intervals have lapsed. If you find phlegm outside your horse’s door or on the floor of the stable it’s likely he has a productive cough as the result of an infection within the lungs. If a horse coughs at first and appears fine the cause is likely to be environmental then, but if the coughing persists it signals the presence of an infection usually. Low temperatures cause horses’ expirations to form very small droplets, which can find their way deep into the lungs.

What happens if you let a sinus infection go untreated?

Sinus infections can also spread to the brain, but this is even rarer. It can lead to a brain abscess or meningitis, both of which can be life-threatening. An infection that lingers, gets worse or gets better only to quickly return needs to be treated by a doctor.

Equine influenza virus, equine rhinovirus, and equine herpesvirus types 1 & 4 can all cause infectious upper respiratory tract disease. These viruses tend to cause a watery or white nasal discharge, fever, lethargy and inappetence.

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