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To use, place one in order to two inches associated with Naturally Fresh Litter box in a clear kitty litter box. Top that with enough of your current feline litter to hide the additive. This litter additive attracts felines with an herbal blend that mimics a garden in order to pique your kitty’s interest. The method works with any litter and is usually used by sprinkling one-fourth of typically the package contents directly into your cat’s cover box and blending well. Cat cover attractant is completely safe for your feline as it is created from natural and non-toxic ingredients. Also when your kitty tries eating the attractants, he may end up being safe.

Bestseller No. 1
CatCentre® 30L Premium Grade Absorbent Hygienic Pine Wood Cat Litter Pellets UK
  • 30L Large Bag of Ultra Hygienic Pine Fresh Litter Pellets - Premium Grade Litter
  • Ideal for Cat Litter Trays, Aviary Floors, Reptile Tanks / Cages - Fresh Pine Natural Scent
  • Recommended by Veterinary Professionals and Breeders - Paw Friendly Pine
  • Highly Absorbent - Treated for Maximum Odour Removal - 100% Tried and Tested
  • Naturally Sourced - Attracts Felines to do Their Business - Great Toilet Training Aide
Bestseller No. 2
Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant, 255 g
  • Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant uses a unique, natural herbal blend that helps bring cats back to the litter tray by evoking feline curiosity
  • Cat Litter Attractant aids in litter tray training and correcting your cat's inappropriate elimination
  • Easy to use: simply sprinkle on top and mix well into your fresh cat litter
  • Vet recommended and safe for cats
  • 255 g pouch
SaleBestseller No. 3
World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping, Biodegradable, Extra Strength 12.7kg
  • Multiple cat clumping, with an added all-natural plant ingredient for enhanced odour control, this extra strength formula is ideal for homes with two or more cats
  • Ideal odour control - smells stay trapped deep inside the litter; so living with your cat doesn't have to stink
  • Flushable - tested and proven flushable and safe for septic and sewer systems; so you can skip the trip to the bins
  • Lightweight - the concentrated power of corn delivers the performance you need without the weight; so you can give your back a break
  • 99 Percent dust free - corn is free of silica dust naturally; so you and your cat can breathe easy
SaleBestseller No. 4
Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter 30 Litre
  • Pine fresh
  • Highly absorbent
  • Light to handle
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Made from recycled materials
SaleBestseller No. 5
Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter, 100% Biodegradable, Extra Absorbent, 20 L
  • catsan natural clumping litter is a good choice for you, your feline friend, and the planet, eco-friendly granules immediately form small firm clumps when coming into contact with liquid
  • each granule of catsan natural cat litter ensures reliable and long lasting odour control, absorbing liquids and locking away moisture before odours can develop
  • catsan natural cat litter has very low dust when poured out of the bag and has a pleasant, natural scent without the addition of fragrances that might upset your cat
  • cleanup is easy and simple with catsan natural cat litter, to ensure that your feline friend stays clean and healthy, remove the solid faeces daily for continued odour control and a clean environment
  • items delivered: catsan natural clumping cat litter for adult cats and kittens 20 l
Bestseller No. 6
Simple Solution Extreme Cat Stain and Odour Remover Enzymatic Cleaner, 500ml
  • Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odour Remover for cats is 3 X stronger (vs Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover)
  • The only formula which contains both Pro-Bacteria and enzymes which effectively eliminate tough dog and cat odours and stains faster
  • Extreme Stain and Odour Remover for cats is a professional strength formula specifically designed to clean mess from pets such as vomit, urine and faeces
  • Completely ridding your home of odours and discouraging pets from repeat marking
  • Safe for use on carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other water-safe surfaces
Bestseller No. 7
Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Diffuser and Refill, 48ml
  • Contains the 'feline facial' pheromone, natural pheromone a cat releases when they rub up against something to mark an area as safe and secure
  • Communicating to cats, like cats
  • Scentless and species specific - no effect on humans or other pets
  • Scientifically proven, studies to support all claimns
  • Trusted - used by vets, charities and behaviourists
Bestseller No. 8
  • NATURAL ENZYME ODOUR CONTROL - C&G Has Never Disappointed Pet Lovers And Has Always Managed To Provide Best Quality Organic Products Produced Using High Quality Ingredient With High Manufacturing Standards. CAT LITTER TRAY DEODORISER Is Another Example Of C&G Commitment. Our Antibacterial And Antifungal Fighting Formula Uses Natural Enzymes To Bond With Cat Urine At A Molecular Level And Changes Them Into Odorless Compounds
  • 100% NON-TOXIC – Contrary To Conventional Cat Litter Tray Deodorizer Which Contains Hazardous Chemicals Which Can Result In Cat Health Issues, Our CAT LITTER TRAY DEODORIZER Is 100% Natural And Non-Toxic Formula. This Fantastic Natural Formula Is Great For Daily Use, Leaving The House Smelling Fresh And Clean All Day Long Being Specially Designed For Cats It Kills Bacteria And Viruses While Protecting You And Your Family
  • EASE OF USE – Cleaning And Disinfecting Cat Litter Tray Has Never Been This Much Convenient And Effective Before. You Just Need To Empty The Tray By Scooping Solid Waste Out Of Tray, Then Simply Spray Over The Surface Of Your Litter Tray To Neutralize Bad Odour And Freshen Up The Surrounding Areas. Reapply As Necessary. Enjoy A Clean And Hygienic Environment For Pet And Your Family
  • MADE IN UK - CAT LITTER TRAY DEODORISER Is Tested And Developed In UK By Our Expert Team. It Is Free From Animal Cruelty, Is Organic And Natural With No Harmful Side Effects. It Features The Amazingly Fresh Calming Smell. The Citrus and Coconut Scent Will Leave Surroundings Smelling Amazing!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We Know Our Products Are Great Quality But If You Don’t Agree, We Offer A Manufacturer 30-day Hassle-free Money Back Guarantee On Our CAT LITTER TRAY DEODORISER
Bestseller No. 9
Pawkin Cat Litter Mat, Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh, Extra Large, Durable, Easy to Clean, Soft, Fits Under Litter Box, Litter Free Floors, Gray
  • TRAPS LITTER TO KEEP YOUR FLOORS CLEAN - Our effective Litter Lock mesh technology keeps litter off your floor.
  • REMARKABLY DURABLE MATERIAL - We’ve designed a cat litter box mat that’s made to last.
  • EASY TO VACUUM - Our heavyweight mats won’t be damaged by your vacuum. Or, you can also shake out or rinse off your mat. Keeps like new.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR CAT TO WALK ON - Cats love our soft yet substantial mats. Designed for sensitive paws.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked. We stand by the quality of our mats. Period.
Bestseller No. 10
Extra Select Premium Hygiene Cat Litter 20ltr
  • Low dust
  • Non-clumping
  • Odour protection
  • Light weight
  • Hygienic
  • That’s because the lentigo don’t adhere many to cat poop, so the aroma leaks out.
  • This fun red and blue silicate litter with extremely fine grains is usually kind to kitty paws and halts bad smells within seconds.
  • The result is an superb litter cluster that will forbids moisture from entering the litter box box while producing a clump that wont separate.
  • This contains cats which are recuperating from surgery, people with injuries or struggling with asthma.

Precious Kitty Ultra Litter Attractant Additive works by giving out a scent of which naturally attracts felines and kittens to use the cat litter box. Many cats are usually abandoned or mistreated because they do not adapt to using a litter package early in possession. The product is designed for cats which can be at present not utilizing their cover boxes. Precious Cat Litter Attractant is usually the only cover attractant to offer a clinically analyzed and consumer confirmed solution.

You can even sample a Demo Pack to find the perfect litter for your kitty, or use the fun bright-coloured litter box to attract your playful cat within! You can furthermore choose from clumping and non-clumping kinds, as there really is something for everyone. Browse the particular full selection associated with cat and kitten litters this means you have got the right kitty litter for your own needs and this your cat will love.

It’s actually probably the most absorbent materials ever before known, up to five times that of clay. It efficiently traps urine and moisture, and with their antibacterial properties, eliminates odours in the process. Regardless of being soft, this doesn’t get mushy at all any time wet.

Kats 3 8l Cats Litter Extremely Absorbent Pearls Skin Gels Silica Gel Antiseptic Beads

While Catsan works fantastically from masking pee, it doesn’t do so properly with poop scents. That’s because the granules don’t adhere much to cat droppings, so the aroma leaks out. On the other hand, you can decide on up poop well without a lot of the lentigo sticking to all of them. Personally, we consider you can’t go incorrect with the Pettex Pampuss cat litter. It’s a spending budget option that’s excellent for a lot more mindful cat owners.

Cat Litter box is an essential product for home owners with inside cats that employ a litter box regularly. Ultra-Absorbent along with odour-trapping qualities, regularly maintained kitty litter will aid to keep your current house clean, delete word and free from unpleasant smells. Together with cat litter attractant, your cat may be more employed in making use of the cover box as the particular smell of the natural ingredients may attract him towards the litter box. Plus with a tad bit more encouragement from you, he can know what to do when sitting inside the box. Many cat proprietors praise this product for its power in odor control. Produced from herbs that may help, this particular cat litter attractant can aid in eliminating the bad smell of cat’s waste. Moreover, it doesn’t possess any scent that might irritate your kitty or cause virtually any allergies.

Kittyfriend Sanicat Red Non Clumping Cat Litter 30 Litre

If it is too dilute, it may mean that your kitty possibly offers kidney disease. In case you’ve observed these kinds of signs in your own cat, be certain to take him or her to the vet as quickly as possible. If you think this is usually the case with your feline, make sure you visit the veterinary.

Cat Attract Litter Uk

As far as disposal is concerned, the product is as practical since they come. The particular corns are extremely much flushable in addition to safe for septic/sewer systems, meaning that you can skip the traditional trips to the bins. At the same time, fast clumping and effortless scooping are its biggest selling details. In other phrases, you’re never remaining with probably the most uncomfortable mess in the package.

This green litter is composed of fabric coming from residual wood, manufactured, and pelletized without additives or glues. Highly absorbent in addition to non-clumping, the Wooden Pellets retain their weight in fluid up to TWO TIMES, assisting in maintaining a drier cover box for an a lot more extended period. Together with its unique solid wood fragrance and dust-free characteristics, Pampuss Wood Pellets will chill uncomfortable and undesirable odours with the new and clean aroma. Catsan Clumping Litter consists regarding fine clay granules that, while visiting contact with liquid, instantly shape into small, strong clumps. These types of compact clumps may be readily separated every day, leaving behind the litter tray tidy and fresh. Forming and eliminating small solid clumps means that you seldom have to alternative the whole litter tray as usually as possible.

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